The Alcohol Abuse Predictor

The Alcohol Abuse Predictor 1.0.2

¿Bebedor social o borrachín?

What is the difference between a social drinker, a binge drinker, and someone with a drinking problem? And just how blurry are the lines in between?

The Alcohol Abuse Predictor™ is used to ask questions you may not feel comfortable asking someone else.

It shows you how much you drink as compared to people in different countries like Russia, China or Greenland.

Maybe you drink 4X as much as a Russian but half that of a Canadian. Either way, that is highly suggestive you might drink too much.

Get perspective on your drinking patterns by calculating how much you drink over time and how that compares to others. Might you or a friend have a problem, get some facts.

The Alcohol Abuse Predictor™ also takes you through a collection of scientifically validated questions that, when put together – and answered honestly and completely - have the ability to predict a person’s level of alcohol dependency.

In addition to screening for risk of alcohol dependence, The Alcohol Abuse Predictor™ is intended to help anyone with a casual or serious interest in drinking risks become more aware of the signs and symptoms of alcohol abuse in them or others, and what options to explore if you think you or someone else is at risk of alcohol related harm.

Developed by a Canadian family physician, The Alcohol Abuse Predictor™ combines medical authority with a friendly bedside manner to deliver information, answers and guidance. It is for educational purposes only and not intended as a substitute for professional help.

The Alcohol Abuse Predictor


The Alcohol Abuse Predictor 1.0.2